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Brandon Barnett represents servicemembers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy & Coast Guard at bases and stations around the world. Mr. Barnett, a Reserve Marine judge advocate, has handled a broad range of military cases throughout his career, including officer and enlisted courts-martial, administrative separations, boards of inquiry (BOI), officer promotions, and petitions for correction of military records. Mr. Barnett is an Iraq veteran and understands the hardships that come with military service. He also has an excellent command of the military criminal and administrative processes.

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Military Justice is comprised of laws and regulations that are uncommon to the state or federal court system.  If there is an allegation that a servicemember may have violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice or another order or regulation, the servicmember’s command has a several options. The commander could handle the matter informally with a counseling, or pursue a more formal method such as court-martial or Article 15 (Nonjudicial Punishment).  Regardless of the commander’s decision on how to proceed, an experienced military defense attorney is needed to ensure that the servicemember’s rights are zealously guarded throughout the military justice process. Mr. Barnett assists servicemembers in the following practice areas:

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Brandon Barnett travels to all bases and stations around the world to defend a servicemembers at courts-martial, administrative separation boards, and boards of inquiry. He can provide a free initial consultation over the phone and answer your questions.  No matter where you are stationed, he will protect your rights, guard your liberty, and safeguard your future.  Mr. Barnett is designated as a 4409 – Military Law Expertby the U.S. Marine Corps.  Call him today at (817) 993-9249 so that he can begin defending your rights today.