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Brandon Barnett represents members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard at general courts-martial at all bases and stations across the world. General courts-martial (GCM) are reserved for the most serious offenses in the UCMJ, such as sexual assault, high level fraud/theft, violent crimes, law of war violations, and cases involving officers.  A GCM cannot be convened until an Article 32 investigation of the charges is conducted (or waived by the accused).  The trial procedure is generally identical to that of a special court-martial, except that that there must be at least five jury members on the panel vice three for a special court-martial.  A general court-martial conviction is treated as the equivalent of a felony conviction in state or federal court and carries serious potential consequences, which can include up to life in confinement, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and dishonorable discharge from the service, depending on the offense alleged. Convictions for sexual offenses can also require registration as a sex offender. With their liberty and future on the line, servicemembers need to best possible defense at a general court-martial.

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When he was a First Lieutenant on board Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, Brandon Barnett’s first military trial was a general court-martial. From that point forward, Mr. Barnett firmly established himself as a leading trial lawyer in the Marine Corps, handling complex general courts-martial cases in his area of responsibility. In 2009, Mr. Barnett was assigned to the Pentagon to help develop new judge advocates in trial skills and case development in court-martial cases. In 2012, Mr. Barnett earned his LL.M. (Master of Laws) degree in Litigation and received a secondary MOS designation as a 4409 – Military Law Expert, a designation held by few judge advocates in the Marine Corps. His civilian law practice is 100% devoted to litigation in military and state courts for felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses and military administrative hearings.

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Whether you are under investigation or have been charged with a military offense, there is no time to waste. You need an attorney to advise you and begin preparing your defense immediately.  Although every accused is detailed a military counsel for no charge, obtaining a civilian counsel would ensure a conscientious and knowledgeable defense on your behalf.  Contact Brandon Barnett for a free telephone consultation at 817.993.9249 or email him.